Where to buy Desktop, Laptop and accessories in Dubai?

Dubai is the biggest IT market in the Asian continent. There are thousands of computers and accessories vendors in Dubai. If you want to purchase the desktop computer, laptop or any other IT accessories, the right place to visit in Dubai is the Khalid Bin Walid Street situated in  Bur Dubai.

It is also called the Computer street in Dubai, where you can find a majority of the wholesale / Retail computer accessories shops, and it is also home to notable distributors of the IT products worldwide.

If you compare the prices of the IT products to the shops in computer street and the other electronics shops such as Emax, Lulu, Carrefour, Sharaf DG, etc… you will find a big difference and far cheaper in the computer street. You can also visit Alain center near Al Fahidi metro station to get all computers and accessories at a lower price.

For example, A USB flash drive cost 50/- Dhs in Emax cost you 15/- AED in Computer Accessories shops in Bur Dubai. A Hard Disk which costs 300/- Dhs in Carrefore may end up only 160/- in Computer street.
(Note: My prices are approximate to show the usual differences)

Non-genuine replica

You will find genuine as well as non-genuine replicas in specific materials. So, you should be careful when selecting the Items, and you must have a fair idea of the price of the particular item and better inquire the price from multiple shops.
Check the warranty before buying it. Sometime you will end up in gray market products, made for other geographical region and not cover the manufacturer or distributors warranty.

If you are a short-term visitor to Dubai and willing to go for an Electronics/Computer purchases, you must ask your cab driver to Computer street in Bur Dubai.

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