VAT – How to file a VAT return before making the TAX payment

Value added Tax

I recently came to know that an employer, not so well literate, running his business for many years in UAE, paid his tax through a money exchange by denoting his TRN. He merely calculated his 5% VAT amount from the total invoices he raised. As a service-oriented business, he used to invoice to a few numbers of customers for a higher sum. Continue reading “VAT – How to file a VAT return before making the TAX payment”

Employment recruitment agencies in Dubai

Dubai Recruitment Agencies

The recruitment agencies play an important role in the job sector of the United Arab Emirates. They are many important and unavoidable sources of employment opportunities available in bigger and medium corporate sectors and government enterprises only through the recruitment agencies. The smaller employers usually not rely on the manpower agencies to hire their employees. Continue reading “Employment recruitment agencies in Dubai”