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Father Does not Own the Daughter, Can Choose to Have Mother’s Surname Dubai

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The Delhi High Court turned down the petition by a father, seeking relief against his minor daughter being named with his wife’s name. He stated that it is his mentality. There is no reason why the child should be deprived of her right to use her mother’s surname. The petition does not come as a surprise in India’s predominantly male chauvinistic society. However, the decision, however small it may be, seems to be a substantial hit against rooted concepts that mandate the wife and children of a man to name themselves after him.

The observations come from Justice Rekha Palli, who disagreed with the petitioner and his argument that the child is a minor and cannot decide on these things, stating that if the child is happy with the mother’s surname there is no need to debate on this here. The Petition, titled Vindhya Saxena v. East Delhi Municipal Corporation, was disposed of without merits.

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Post date 08/08/2021 7:03 PM