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Are You Looking For An Oxygen Concentrator In Dubai? Al Quoz

Health - Beauty Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Are you in search of an oxygen concentrator in Dubai? Do you want the best oxygen concentrator in UAE? Sehaaonline has got you sorted for all your medical needs. From the best ‘oxygen concentrator Dubai’ or ‘oxygen concentrator UAE’, to oxygen cylinders, Sehaaonline has it all! Before you buy one, know about what is an oxygen concentrator is-

The researches have shown that these concentrators produce 90-95 percent pure oxygen. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2015 stated, “Concentrators can operate and produce oxygen 24 hours a day continuously and may last up to five years.”

These concentrators are most useful in patients whose oxygen saturation does not go below 90%, although they can even aid individuals whose oxygen saturation falls below 85%.

Patients whose oxygen levels fall below this level will need a higher oxygen flow than these concentrators can provide.

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